Spend the best time in Lanai this season

Lanai Island

Lanai is one of the very popular islands comprising the U.S. state of Hawaii, in the Pacific Ocean. Lanai is basically one of the ideal Hawaiian gateways that provide numerous natural wonders and ample amount of fun filled activities to make this a pleasant stay. In fact, as we are entering into spring, a lot of people think of spending the holiday in a beautiful place like Lanai Island. Situated in the centre of the Pacific Ocean, this is Hawaiian island offering views of 5 other islands.

Things to do in Lanai

When you are in Lanai, you would get plethora of options to do some crazy activities.

  • Snorkeling– Heading towards a station for the snorkeling experience would give you absolute Goosebumps. The warm, clear-bottomed bay is famous for snorkeling because dolphins as they come in the shallow water sometimes.
  • Helicopter tours– You can ask your resort managers to arrange the helicopter tour. Once you will get the helicopter tour, you will get the entire view of Lanai.
  • There is another popular land-based activity is the Polaris UTV rides through the forests and valleys. 
  • One can also take the horse riding in the evening
  • Don’t miss an opportunity to play on the Golf Course

What unique about Lanai?

  1. While talking about Lanai, the first unique and interesting thing that comes to mind is that the place is known as the ‘pineapple island’.
  2. According to local Hawaiian legend, Lanai was initially ruled by the god of nightmares
  3. The unique fact is there are no traffic lights over the place
  4. The night looks like a dream
  5. One will get to see different types of fishes like yellow tang, zebra fish and clownfish

Places to visit

If you are in Lanai, you cannot miss visiting some of the very interesting places such as:

  • Garden of the Gods– This place is a vast area of big boulders in the spectrum of red and also earthen colors
  • Halulu heiau– This heiau is known one of the most imposing archaeological sites on Lanai
  • Kahekili’s Leap – It is mainly the rock ledge on Lanai’s south shore
  • Kane’apua Rock– The very small and attractive offshore tide pools and also the sea cliffs make for the picturesque views.
  • The Kanepu’u Preserve – It is also the enormous garden of rare flowers as well as native birds.
  • Kaumalapau Harbor– It is one of the beautiful places encircled by sea cliffs, making this impressive sunset-viewing location

Foods in the location

In Lanai, poi mainly remains to be one of the staple foods and this is commonly served in luaus. Poi plays a very significant role in culture. Many of the tasty cuisines of the place are prepared using the seafood. These dishes are mainly sprinkled with just the spices, right herbs, and other ingredients to add flavor to fresh catches. One can have dinner or lunch in Nobu Lanai restaurant.

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