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P. G. Mavrikios Agrochemical Co. Ltd. established in Cyprus in 1979. The founder and Managing Director of the company is Mr Petros G. Mavrikios. 

The main aims of the company are:

  • To provide quality products for the protection and healthy development of plants.

  • To offer grounds maintenance services that satisfy customers needs and preserves the environment.

The company has its own industrial plant at Moni Industrial Zone, an area in the district of Limassol. The plant has the capability to formulate and pack liquid products as well as powder products for agricultural use. It has the flexibility to formulate and pack from very small to very large quantities, in the size and quality of packaging it is preferred by customer. The size of packaging can vary from 100cc to drums of 200lt and from 1kg to bags of 25kgs. Also the plant has bulk storage areas that enhance flexibility and efficiency of production.

The management, the last few years, invested heavily on new machinery and equipment in order to adopt new technologies and take advantage of marketing opportunities in the domestic and foreign markets.

The imports and exports of raw materials and finished goods are executed from the port of Limassol, which is the main port of the island and one of the most popular in Eastern Mediterranean. The fact that the industrial plant is only 20km from the port enables prompt deliveries in the local market and abroad.


A well established distribution network is operated all over the island in order to promote sales. Through the distribution network agriculturists and salesmen offer professional services and technical support to farmers and retail shops. Also we have our own retail shops all over Cyprus. 

The company satisfies the growing needs of farmers by offering a wide range of products such as fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, fertilisers, seeds etc. at competitive prices. All operations are performed according to procedures established by the code of 'Good Manufacturing Practice'. Emphasis is given on quality control procedures through inspections by qualified staff and laboratory tests. 

The successful course of the company in the domestic market and the increasing overseas business is also due to the long-term relations that were established with well known organisations that play a leading part in the international markets. 


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