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“Kauai” The Ultimate Couple Destination

I was talking to Jim at Zacchaeus Tax and Accounting, Inc and he said that Kauai looked like an awesome place to visit someday.
Kauai (referred to as the “Garden Isle”) is one of the best couples retreats in the US. It’s mostly a rainforest with majestic cliffs and has been the site of many Hollywood backdrops for movies. Along with the Forest and the cliffs, Kauai also offers cool blue water at its beaches. The local towns have many wonders to see as well. Kauai is the perfect romantic getaway.

Things to do in Kauai

There are lots of things to do in Kauai, from eating to relaxing on the sands of the cool blue oceans. Kauai has a complete experience. With over 30 restaurants you’re sure to have the most romantic experience. The Beach House Restaurant is one of the most romantic on the island. 

Kauai’s beach is the perfect place to just lay out in the sun and enjoy it. Or you can jump into the cool blue waters for some surfing. From luau to the farmers market and concerts, Kauai has all the events available to visitors of the island. Kauai also offers horseback rides for a truly romantic experience. Most of Kauai is inaccessible by vehicle. Get some hiking boots and grab your spouse’s hand and start hiking. To see more of the breathtaking and inspiring sights that Kauai has to offer you’ll need to hike

Where to stay when visiting Kauai

Kauai Resort

There are lots of choices to fit your style. Kauai offers accommodations from B&B, condo rental, and Resorts with 5-star service. The Resorts of Kauai are rivals with some of the finest in the world with dining, golf, and spas. The Plantation cottages are also something to consider along with Kauai resorts (boasting some of the best services you’ll find). The cottages are more inland and give you great access to visit several of the natural wonders of Kauai. 

Traveling to Kauai

The best way to plan a trip to the beautiful “Garden Isle” is through an experienced travel agency. They can help you with flight preparations and get you the best experience for your style. With so many things to see and do you want to get the most relaxing, fulfilling, and romantic getaway possible. Let a travel agency help you today.

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